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About Ventores

Lack of innovation in safety relevant components 

New techniques, materials and design developments have steadily increased performance in windsurfing, kiting and sailing over the years. Foiling in particular has made these water sports even more extreme. If you take a look at safety equipment and its innovation over the last few years, you will notice, that a similar steady development has not taken place.

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Our Mission

Sporting activity is associated with a certain risk of accident. Even years of routined practice of a sport do not protect against potential risk of injury - especially in water sports, whether amateur or professional, there is always the possibility of unpredictable and uncontrollable incidents. Injuries or threatening situations can also result from the failure of safety-related components. However, safety-related components and elements that promote the risk of injury have, in some cases, received little attention for decades and consequently have not seen significant progress. To change this, our goal is to identify and modernize those described components to reduce the risk of injury while increasing safety, fun and performance. With regard to the realization of our objectives, we use technical developments, materials and processes already proven in other fields and apply them in the development of the identified components.


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