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What makes the leash unique?

The Ventores leash is designed to bring innovation to the surf market. The core of the development is the patent pending soft swivel. It has no corroding components, has a very high breaking load and is super lightweight. Railsaver, cord and ankle strap can all be replaced individually. 

Rapid prototyping - the latest technologies such as 3D printing are used in the development of our prototypes

By using modern processes such as 3D printing, the development of new products can be made significantly more efficient and resource-saving. Ideas can be designed, printed and directly tested for functionality in a very short time. This is a decisive advantage, especially in the development of prototypes. Computer simulations certainly form an important basis in advance, however real-life simulation can never be replaced. Due to constantly new processes and materials, such as high-grade metals or high-strength plastics, it is possible to create "copies" with almost the same characteristics of the later components. In addition, molds can be designed and manufactured which would not have been possible using conventional methods. Accordingly, early attention to the later intended production process is indispensable.

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